Web parsing

Web analytics or web data analysis is very important in the era of content. It’s hard to imagine a company without a social media account or a company with no website or online store. These channels require large amounts of data to continuously fill. But how do you get it? Through web scraping! The special algorithm switches to the main page of the site and clicks all the internal links. This way, you can collect the dataContinue reading “Web parsing”

Digital Marketing

Starting your own business is never gets easy. You don’t need an office or a sales department, employees and sellers. All you want is a product and a platform, where you can sell. Most of these retail stores are – Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or Shopify. Almost half of of online sales are made via Amazon. However, the e-trade systems strictly manipulate this process. And competing with different vendors isn’t always the main problem you are facing. The more a successfulContinue reading “Digital Marketing”

Partnership Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one the cheapest ways to make money. This is a great tool to promote your product. Almost all platforms now have their own partner program. It encourages users to distribute the product. The platform is becoming more popular and the user gets his reward. However, affiliate marketing is not possible from oneContinue reading “Partnership Marketing”

Ad Review

In any advertising project you should take into account the analysis of current results and the evaluation of their effectiveness. Many companies do not pay attention to promotion progress. This often results in lower sales and lower efficiency. Managers analyze the effectiveness of advertising based on final sales figures. Instead, tracking advertisements during the promotionalContinue reading “Ad Review”

Search For Employee And Employer

Finding a good employer is a very difficult thing. As well as looking for a good employee. Sometimes this process takes a long time. You can spend many days, weeks, or months on it. But the less time you spend looking for, the better for everyone. The company will soon start making a profit. TheContinue reading “Search For Employee And Employer”

Brand Keeping

False goods now account for 3.3% of world trade. The value of false goods imported worldwide is currently over $ 500 billion (according to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). When you do business, you don’t want to be a part of it. But there are many scammers who areContinue reading “Brand Keeping”

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